Shortage of hand sanitizers hit Tamale Metropolis due to Coronavirus

Shortage of hand sanitizers has hit the Tamale Metropolis following a mad rush for the product with few stores that still have the product doubling the prices.


Following the announcement of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, residents rushed to get sanitizers, believed to help in preventing contamination.

Some residents in Tamale told Radio Ghana that they went around pharmacies and shops to procure sanitizers but were told the product had finished.


A storekeeper who identified himself as Ibrahim, revealed that, he had only three small bottles of sanitizers left, and that even his supplier does not have the product.

“I had to queue to get two boxes of sanitizers on Friday, and I am only left with three small bottles, my supplier says, he has run short of the product,” he said.


He further disclosed that, the price of sanitizers is up by nearly three hundred percent.