Dashboard Update

The P4H dashboard (www.people4health.org) is a digital platform that seeks to share information on the project’s thematic areas: Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Maternal Heath/Family Planning, and WASH. Additionally, it seeks to provide a safe space for vulnerable groups to share their experiences, comments, complaints and suggestions at the healthcare facilities in the form of feedback provision for effective resolution. 


Since the deployment of the platform in August 2018 majority of users have shared their feedback, which the project team have undertaken various follow ups for effective resolution. For the first quarter of this year –January to March the team received 25 feedbacks (see pie chart).

Of those submissions, all were verified –meaning that the project implementation team (PIT) together with the focal persons paid visits to the facilities in question to authenticate the issues submitted. 


-       9 Feedbacks were resolved –meaning that district duty bearers acknowledged receipt of the issues and addressed them, whilst others too were resolved at the facility level.

-       2 feedbacks were escalated to appropriate authorities at the regional and national level for resolution

-       14 feedbacks are currently under investigations to ascertain the authenticity or otherwise of the issues submitted


For the next quarter and subsequent lifespan of the project, the PIT will be working vigorously with the project’s DCMC and Focal Persons to sensitize the public on the thematic areas of the project as well as their health rights and responsibilities, and additionally promote the platform to increase the uptake of the platform by citizens residing their project districts.