Maternal mortality goes down in Greater Accra

The 2019 Annual Regional Health Sector Performance Review has established that although deliveries in the Greater Accra Region have increased over the years, institutional maternal mortality has reduced remarkably.

The review report indicated a reduction from 189 for each 100,000 live births in 2017 to 145 in 2018 and reduced again to 136.8 in 2019.

At a meeting to review the performance of the region for 2018 and deliberate on how to improve healthcare delivery, the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Mrs Charity Sarpong, said the achievement could be attributed to several interventions that had been put in place and “to the hard work of our staff”.

It has also been a platform to assess the resilience of the health system in respect to its mandate of providing quality health services to all persons irrespective of their geographical, financial, ethical, religious or other affiliations.


The Greater Accra review meeting for 2019 was held on the theme: “Strengthening Health Systems Towards Attaining Universal Health Coverage: The Role of Quality Data and Good Governance.”

Dr. Sarpong mentioned some of the interventions to include a Whatsapp platform named the “Kyebele Whatsapp” which facilitated the referrals of pregnant women requiring emergency or advanced care from one health facility to another.


She said the auditing of all maternal deaths both at the facility level and also by a committee that had been instituted to investigate all maternal deaths with the aim of identifying and addressing any shortfalls, including supportive supervision, monitoring and capacity building, also contributed to the reduction in maternal mortality.